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The essence of fine wood


The elegance and warmth of real wood applied to a modern environment

Serving our Partners since 1970

50 Years in Business

It takes Time to build a solid Experience

Veneereed Boards / Lumber Core Plywood / Laminated Wooden Panels

Wide Variety of Products

Product customization is a key of success in highly competitive markets

FSC & PEFC Certified Products / Low or Zero Formaldehyde Emission Products / Zero Carbon Footprint

Safe Sourcing

We care about the environment and product safety

Who we are


  • Family owned ·
  • Grown up in Italy ·
  • Now Serving the World ·

Saveplac Plywood srl is fully owned by Fondinvest Wit srl, a participation holding controlled by the Battisti Family.

Saveplac srl, a sister company, started operations in 1977, after 6 years of experience in the field as partner of S.I.P.A. by the founder, Mr. Tullo Battisti. During the 80's and the 90's, our company invested in new plants and expanded the buildings preparing for a very strong expansion from the local traditional classical furniture market to a wider national distribution scheme of different wooden products. In 1995, a new concept building was developed in Cherubine, where the first production of lumber core started. Scarsity of raw materials was taken as an opportunity by Mr. Battisti, who foresaw the future of the group.

During the first years of the 2K's, Saveplac srl started focusing on international markets, in Austria, France, Spain and Grermany, at first. Nevertheless, during the late 00's crisis, the furniture market suffered a strong slowdown, particularly in wood veneered products, more expensive than the new paper laminated particleboard panels, used by the GDO.

Instead of beeing overwhelmed by the changes in the economic environment, our management, including the two sons of Mr. Battisti, pushed on new and more challenging products and markets, expanding further more our business view. A constant pace of growth in the international scenes and investment in new product research took to the founding of Saveplac Plywood Srl, in 2015. The group now covers a whole spectrum of customers (distributors, OEM, industrial processors, woodworking mills and contracts), four continents with a multinational company culture, full product customization thanks to a very flexible production facility and organization. Exporting special customized products is our main focus, commitment and business for the next dacede, at least LINK.

What we look like

Our European Plants

What we make


Single Core RCV / HDF Faces - Spruce / Poplar Lumber Core

A single core lumber core panel is a three layers sandwitch made of two outer layers of short grain rotary cut veneer or an high density fiberboard panel and one inner layer made by butt jointed wooden staves.

It is suitable for all applications where panel thickness is from 12 up to 30 mm.

Double Core RCV / HDF Faces - Spruce / Poplar Lumber Core + inner RVC

A double core lumber core panel is a five layers sandwitch made of two outer layers of short grain rotary cut veneer or an high density fiberboard panel and two long grain inner layers made by butt jointed wooden staves, with one cross grain rotary cut veneer between the twos.

It is suitable for all applications where panel thickness is higher than 30 mm.

triple Cross Core RCV / HDF Faces - 3 Crossed Spruce / Poplar Lumber Core

A triple crossed core lumber core panel is a five layers sandwich made of two outer layers of short grain rotary cut veneer or an high density fiberboard panel, two long grain inner layers made by butt jointed wooden staves, and another short grain crossed lumber core between the twos.

It is suitable for all applications where panel thickness is higher than 30 mm and extra strength with smaller stave thickness is needed or required by contruction plans.

Dendropan 7 step cross spruce laminas core

This product is made in seven steps. Spruce only, pretty expensive, it is the top of the pops of the lumber core.

Suitable for extreme and special applications, where extra strenght and lightness is necessary at the same time. Not cheap.

Special Products Custom Made Products for Special Applications

We like to customize products. We strongly believe in M2M relationships working together in building new products and solutions. This is what we do with our customers, better: PARTNERS. We're small and this allow us to work on the wood, especially with lumber, using personal skills and a touch of fantasy that our team of colleagues is always able to find, to satisfy even the most challenging needs.

You ask, we work together, we find a solution.

Spliced Wood Veneer Surface Selected Spliced Veneers on top quality Wooden Panels

The Art of selecting the perfect veneers and splicing them across a solid number of different ways, is the key to move from a standard veneered panel to a perfect wooden faced surfaced board.

70 different wood spieces selected from the best splicers in the world, thanks to 50 years of continuous improvement in finding the best suppliers and the best materials. Experience, nothing else.

High Pressure Laminate HPL Surface The best Lamninate Surfaces on your choice of Panels

Many interiors utilize the beauty, simplicity and resistance to impact of laminated surfaces. With laminates you can design beautiful surfaces that are durable, impact resistant and easy to clean.

As an alternative to wooden veneer or painted surfaces, we offer laminate as an eye catching and extremely robust finish for our wall and ceiling panels. High Pressure Laminate (HPL) achieves an overall impression that can hardly be achieved by a surface treatment on site.

Continuous Pressed Laminates CPL Surface CPL BIG surfaces on your choice of Panels

CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) is a surface product that is laminated in continuous form low pressure. CPL is an ideal product for use where thin and postformed surfaces are required.

CPL is produced in continuously-operating double-belt presses with a compression force of between 30 and 70 bar and temperatures between 150°C and 170°C. Depending on the thickness of laminate and the length of the pressing zone, the feed speed may vary from 8 to 15 m/min.

Lacquered Panels Tell us the colour and the finish and we'll do it for you!

Lacquered Panel products are basically MDF and particle boards after undergoing a series of processes. The main process involves laminating these base materials using UV Lacquer or Bright/Matte surfaces.

Lacquered panel is not compatible with open spaces, spaces where it would be exposed to direct sunlight, steam, or any kind of heat source. They are also not recommended for products that are washed with water. Lacquered panel is very easy to clean. Using a soft cloth, you can clean them with soap and water. Make sure to use an equally soft cloth for drying afterwards. Steel wool and the like, cleaning materials with particles, chemicals with acid content, alcoholic solutions, and ammonia shouldn’t be used for cleaning purposes.

Special Applications Panels Custom made Wooden Panels, just for you

We have 30,000 different codes / SKU available in our range of products. 70 wood species and an unlimited number of possible surfaces, thickness from 3mm up to 85mm, widths up to 2300 mm and lengths up to 3800 mm, with a variaty of 12 different cores and many more core combi is the heaven for interior designers, architects, cabinet makers, furniture designers and refurbishing engineers.

Surprise us with your worst fantasies and we'll try to go behind the limits of wooden panels logics. Just for you.

Certifications & Marks



All our lumber / panel / veneer suppliers are either certified FSC / PEFC or have certified sustainable sources of timber.

Glue E1

This is the minimum mandatory limit allowed, in Europe.


Upon customer request, we can manufacture TSCA TITLE VI compliant products.


Zero emissions: no added urea formaldehyde. Water resistant bonding is also available on request.

Where to find us


Saveplac Plywood Srl
Via Magellano 1
37053 Cerea (VR) Italy